Electronic Vehicle Tracking System

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If Your Vehicle Is Stolen...

Report the theft to the police. Please inform law-enforcement personnel that your vehicle is equipped with a Mopar EVTS and Guidepoint Response Center is available to assist in the recovery process.

Call us @ 1-877-477-3710 and provide us your Username, Password and the Police Stolen Vehicle Report Number.

Optional upgradeable service plans offer our OnCall Service which acts like a panic button inside your vehicle. If you have an accident or other emergency, get help from the push of a button. OnCall instantly alerts the Response Center, and a specialist will work to rush you all the help you need.



How Mopar EVTS Works For You


Your Solution To Improve Asset Visibility And Bottom Line.

Mopar EVTS Asset Management Program

Asset Management
In order to maintain a sustainable advantage, FCA U.S. LLC auto dealerships are maximizing operating efficiency with “real-time” Asset Management. Each vehicle you choose to protect is fitted with a technologically advanced Mopar EVTS (Electronic Vehicle Tracking System). Using the Mopar EVTS online interface, you can also keep tabs on your loaner, rental and shuttle vehicles.

Secured Inventory
Get instant information about a protected vehicle’s location, travel speed and direction 24/7. The Mopar EVTS Asset Management Program is designed to protect your dealership’s vehicle inventory when you can’t. If a vehicle leaves your lot or designated boundary, during an unauthorized time, Guidepoint’s 24/7 Response Center immediately sends you an alert via email. In the event of a vehicle theft, Guidepoint’s Recovery Specialists will work with local police non-stop until your asset is recovered and returned safely.

Dealer Profit
The Mopar EVTS Asset Management Program is ideal for dealers who want to monitor vehicles for floor plan verification, protect their assets from unauthorized use or theft, and lower Dealer Insurance Liability. Vehicles installed with a Mopar EVTS powered by Guidepoint, are marketed and sold as an added value accessory.

Mopar’s EVTS Asset Management Program
The Asset Management Program is just one of the many vehicle security and inventory management products designed to protect and improve your bottom line. To learn more about the Mopar EVTS Asset Management Program and other Dealer Services, email: [email protected] or visit: www.guidepointsystems.com

**Specifications subject to change without notice.

Please have the following information handy:

  • Mopar EVTS Customer Delivery Kit − Provided by your Dealer
  • Electronic Serial Number − Located on the cover of your Delivery Kit provided by your Dealer
  • Registration Code − Base Code included, (Silver and Gold codes provided by your Dealer)
  • Make, Model, Year & Color of your vehicle
  • Vehicle Identification Number
  • License Plate Number
  • Mileage
  • Complete Mailing Address
  • Email Address
  • Up to three (3) contact phone numbers
  • Names of all authorized users on the account
  • Special Medical Conditions and Allergies

Guidepoint Member Representatives are available for you 24/7/365 at our Fort Worth, Texas location.
To register your EVTS service, please call 1-877-477-3710.

Protect Your Vehicle And Safeguard Your Family.

Whether you need to protect your vehicle against loss from theft or protect your loved ones against threatening driving risks, with Mopar EVTS you can count on instant live vehicle locating and a 24/7 Emergency Response Team.


Mopar EVTS is the premier GPS enabled stolen vehicle tracking and recovery system available today.

Mopar EVTS is loaded with all the critical features that ensure you’ll get your vehicle back as fast as possible after a theft. Using superfast GPS vehicle location, our 24/7 Rapid Response Center Team tracks down your vehicle in just minutes. Then, we work with law enforcement to get your vehicle back to you as fast as possible, before any damage is done!

Mopar's Silver or Gold upgrade service plan comes with the theft recovery service you need, plus loads of extra benefits for every type of driver.

You Drive, We'll Do The Rest.


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